we need your help!

 25% Of our seniors live below the poverty level
even in some of the wealthiest communities.

This is unacceptable!

stay relevant

Recognize and embrace the beauty that comes with aging
Help us

don't isolate

No one should be alone!

It doesn’t take much to be caring.
We are social beings and need one-another.

Help stay connected!

the sound of caring

just listen!

Sometimes all you have to do is listen to hear
the message from your soul.

Help play on !

caring forward

He spent his life caring

but is he being cared for now?

Help us care forward.

the life you save

     may be yours…

Want to grow up so bad,
we forget about growing old.

Let’s make it a good experience
Thank you for your attention.

become a . . .     fan_logo_Left


Come and join us to make a difference in our community.

The life you save maybe yours.


Fund A Need is a 501(c) Non Profit Organization that depends on the support of its volunteers to raise funds to procure daily necessities for the low income seniors.

You Can Help…


You can volunteer your time.


You can donate funds.


You can donate funds.